Every part that leaves our production is the result of a production that is trimmed for peak performance.

Quality Assurance


All steps in the process are monitored, recorded, analyzed and evaluated in detail using the latest testing and measuring techniques. Reliable documentation and its archiving are part of our routine services.

Our quality assurance department is staffed exclusively by specialists who are trained in the demanding measurement of high-precision plastic parts.

Core competencies

Uncompromising quality

Our customers' products must perform their services precisely, reliably and efficiently. We ensure that this is fully guaranteed. Reliable and established statistical evaluations are the basis for an analysis and continuous improvement of processes in our production.


Conformity with the specifications is precisely checked and documented using the latest measuring technology. Whether by using computer tomography, 3D measuring machine or other inspection equipment - our specialists develop a customized inspection plan to ensure product quality.

Process Control

Robust processes are the basis for high-quality and non-failing components. During initial sampling of the tools, we already determine the detailed process limits and adapt our test specifications to the product.

Data Management

Our measurement and inspection data are directly transferred through an interface to the central database. Both quantitative and qualitative characteristic values can be recorded and displayed.

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