With extensive manufacturing expertise, many years of know-how and state-of-the-art machines, STAMM AG is one of the leading international suppliers in the field of injection moulding technology. Through innovative processes and application-specific selected plastics, we are able to produce almost any shape in the required quality.

Precision injection moulding


Quality is produced

We have been active in the field of precision injection molding for over three decades.
Through the combination of modern machinery and the experience of our skilled workers, we are able to produce precision components in millions of pieces.

We also fulfill tolerance requirements of ± 0.01mm. The part weights are between 0.01g and 150g

Micro injection moulding


Complex challenges are our incentive

We go to the limit of what is possible. The logical enhancement of our technical capabilities therefore motivated us many years ago to explore the microcosmic world of injection molding technology. We have experimented a lot and fortunately we did not stop at laboratory tests - in the meantime we produce micro injection molded parts in millions of variations and also fall below component weights of 0.001g.

Hybrid components


The best out of two worlds

Our focus on intelligent solutions and cost-effective productions has made us a specialist in hybrid technology.

The different material properties create a wide range of possibilities in the design of components and the integration of different functions.

As a member of the SFS Group, we also offer you expertise in the development and manufacture of complex metal components. This means you receive the finished component from a single source.

Multi component moulding


Multifunctional solutions

The use of two different materials or colors on one component can have various advantages. Either for functional or optical reasons.

We offer all current technologies in the field of multi-component injection molding

  • Turntable technology
  • Index plate systems
  • Core-back technology
  • Overmolding

The selection of the appropriate technology is made according to your requirements. Thus we achieve an efficient solution, even for complex components.

Optical components


Pure as glass

Optical components are used in a variety of applications.
They can be used as light guides in a display or as technical lenses in assemblies for sensor technology or optical measurement systems.

We adapt our manufacturing process to the product requirements and therefore guarantee flawless components.

Thin-wall technology


Perfection in the smallest space

The miniaturization of many components often requires a reduction in wall thickness. In addition to the material selection, the appropriate machine and tool technology also have a significant role in this process.

We have extensive know-how in the processing of all thermoplastic materials. We currently use more than 500 different materials and realize wall thicknesses of less than 0.15 mm.

Cleanroom technology


Standardised cleanliness

Production under controlled, particle-free conditions is crucial for product quality in many applications. With our combination of customized injection molding technology and innovative cleanroom concepts, we achieve the highest quality standards.

The flexible expansion options allow us to respond specifically to your project requirements. We accordingly develop an optimal production concept for your products.

Our cleanrooms comply with class 7 (ISO 14644-1),
US FED STD 2009E class 10'000 and GMP clean room class C