The success of a production is the result of perfect tools, reliable machines and well-trained specialists.

We combine the latest machine technology with enthusiasm, knowledge and passion. This results in innovative solutions that provide our customers with sustainable added value.

Our production systems therefore consist exclusively of state-of-the-art injection molding machines, equipped for process stable production around the clock. Our continuously trained specialists ensure that the defined processes and the specifications of our demanding customers are precisely observed.

Process safety - shot by shot

Modern machinery

We produce millions of high-precision plastic parts per year on 46 injection molding machines. The bright production area, an absolutely clean working environment and clear logistics paths also create ideal conditions for man and machine.

Technological diversity

The latest manufacturing technologies combined with the experience of our specialists ensure perfection down to the smallest detail. We also develop creative solutions when it comes to the reliable and efficient realization of customer projects.

Material variety

From standard plastics to high-performance materials and implant materials - we have gained in-depth know-how in the processing of all materials. We currently process over 500 different plastics. We are therefore happy to support you in the selection of materials.

Secondary operations

Precision machining, assembly of components, final testing or individual packaging solutions extend our range of services and make us a valued system supplier.
Moulding machines
Production area

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