We strive towards success with improvement and innovation. And we do so in close partnership with our customers, work colleagues and suppliers. Together we are successful, continuously improve ourselves and test or push technological limits.


Customer focus

With innovation and quality we are committed to maximum customer benefit. We serve our customers without restriction. We combine this with the passion to provide peak performance in everyday industrial production.

We seek partnership

We are committed to providing maximum customer value through innovation and quality. We want to be our customer's preferred partner. Better performance and service unites us with customers and suppliers. In our selected market segments we concentrate on a leadership position measured on a global scale.

We create added value

Complex challenges are our motivation. With our extensive technical know-how we find creative and sustainable solutions and implement them reliably.

Passion for the better

PEAK PERFORMANCE are values that our employees are guided by. They show exemplary commitment to our customers. They are loyal and highly qualified. They promote continuous improvement. Their career development, compensation and rewards are based on performance.

We want positive change

We have a positive attitude towards change and we are quick to implement it. We are honest and fair team players guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, mutual respect and a desire to keep things simple. We measure our performance in order to learn and to improve continuously.

Sustainable success

Through PEAK PERFORMANCE we strive for long-term, above-average development. We achieve this through positive dynamics, adequate earnings and international orientation. Success makes us attractive and reliable to customers, suppliers, the public and investors.

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